K – 5 Grades Private School


Coliseo Academy joins the elementary school teaching program this year with a curriculum of classes from Kindergarten to 5 grades. Qualified teachers join our staff to teach Mathematic, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and other subjects that will contribute to the comprehensive training of our students.

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Our goal will be built on a strong primary educational program geared towards grounding students in the fundamental skills and concepts essential for future academic success. In addition to the common core subjects (language, math, science) our program includes enrichment opportunities that expose students to the arts, technology, physical education, foreign language, and the interpersonal skills of perseverance, self-discipline, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Our academic curriculum will take place in small classes that will enable teachers to actively encourage each student in achieving their academic goals, as well as in developing their creative skills and abilities.

We want to place special emphasis on learning to read and phonetics, grammar, and spelling, and above all we want to be able to dedicate the time this learning requires for each child. Regarding mathematics, our priority interest will be for each student to take advantage of class time not only to understand each chapter of the subject but also so that they can have the practice and exercise time that learning mathematics requires.

In addition, we will devote special attention to modern science, geography, and history study programs as part of an academic course that is as integrated as possible. All these subjects not only contribute to reinforce learning in reading, spelling and mathematics, but, in themselves, contribute to broadening knowledge and awakening student interest in these subjects.

Students who enroll in our Academy from other countries based on a language other than English will have specific support that will facilitate them to advance academically while learning the language.