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Athena Dance Academy is part of a dream.

The Art, is an essential part of the education of our children, but also, Athena Dance Academy responds to the request of many parents interested in an After School Program where girls interested in Dance, can find an interesting school , and a safe academical environment and especially with exceptional teachers.

Commencing with this school year 2015-2016, we will offer both basic programs in our Academy: After School Program & Regular Program. Both will include classes of different styles –Latin Dance, Contemporary, Lyrical, etc – with the idea of satisfying the different tastes, but will include basic assignments like Ballet and Acrobatic.

Our mission is to obtain the highest Dance Academy, recognized by its choreographers, its presentations in shows and competitions.

For them we will work to achieve the highest levels in our teachings, interested in that our students train and learn that their bodies are a precious instrument, and dance is the vehicle to demonstrate what we are and feel.

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