Acting and Singing


With the theater the child increases their self-esteem, learn to respect and coexist in groups, know and control their emotions, discover what is discipline and constancy at work, as well as working out among the public. The theater can also serve to:

  • Strengthen academic tasks such as reading and literature.
  • Update the child in matters such as language, art and history.
  • Help in the socialization of children, especially those who have difficulty communicating.
  • Encourage the use of children’s senses.
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination.
  • Make children feel more secure.
  • Help the children to play with their fantasy.

The best age for children to begin theater classes is from the age of five. At this age, the child will be able to read, understand, and have high memory power. Children absorb everything they hear.

Our program for children bases its teaching on the following subjects or levels of learning:

  • Mimic and Expression
  • Dance and movement in a certain space
  • Vocalization, Improvisation and Speech
  • Rhythm and Singing
  • Scenic techniques
  • Theatrical vocabulary
  • Teamwork

Each semester’s work culminated with a great teamwork in the creation and performance of a play.