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How to deal with bullying with confidence and what skills can children develop to defend themselves against any aggression?

This is a question that many parents ask, especially since most of our children spend between 5 or 6 hours in schools and as many in their extracurricular classes as after school, dance, music or any sport. This means that our children spend more hours living together with their school friends and friends than their parents or family.

What happens then if in that long period of time the child suffers from verbal, physical or emotional aggression and does not know how to face them?

Here are 6 key skills that can be taught to children and that we will develop during our school’s summer camp program, “HOW TO FACE BULLYING”.

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1.- Walk calmly, with care and security. This means head up, back straight and steps calm. Look around and get away from groups that can cause trouble. If the child shows security and confidence it is unlikely that he will be chosen as a victim.

2.- To leave with determination and respect. The best way to have no problems is to avoid it, but you have to do it safely by not running away.

3.- Set limits: what to do with the body with the voice of a threat.

4.- Use of voice and look This is a very important and simple technique at the same time

5.- How to respond to insult or mockery.

6.- Facing exclusion. This is one of the most serious and frequent forms of bullying and one of the most hurtful. What to do when they say “you do not know how to play well”, “we are many and do not fit”…

These more self-defense techniques will be taught and practiced during the summer camp season at our Coliseo de las Artes school.

We intend with them to give them confidence and safety and tools to students to feel confident in facing physical, verbal, exclusion and other situations of aggression.

The classes will be taught by Black Belt Professor Carlos Riobo, 6th Dan of Karate Do.

Our inscriptions are already open for children from 5 to 14 years of age.