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Regular Program

Our regular program is designed for children and adults of all ages and skill levels that have different disciplines of arts and karate. In general, our program is intended to benefit our students physically and psychologically. Each class of Dance or Karate requires a high level of concentration to achieve the control of our body while developing flexibility, coordination and rhythm. It helps to control our body, strengthens muscles and, most definitely, helps to coordinates our movements.

With the music, painting and acting classes our ideal academic environment consist of one-on-one teaching customized to the need of students. All our students take an examination so our teachers can help them to improve their skill and our academy as well.

In Coliseo de las Artes we want the studens in general to progress and to learn that in order to improve certain things they need to go thru each skill thoroughly.

Our principal goal is to teach our students that through the martial arts and the arts in general, we can express our feelings and emotions, we can overcome shyness and build new relationships, and also we can feel more confident to face new challenges in the future life.