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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Campers:

After several years working with children during Summer Camp, one feels that he is ready for many things in life, although I am sure that this pandemic is not one of those things. But here we are ready for a different Summer Camp this year that surely will have to be a safe, instructive, and fun camp for our children, after these months of uncertainty and isolation.

According to Miami Dade County forecasts and guidelines, the prospect is to be ready to open the Summer Camp Coliseum on June 8. Of course, this decision involves a variety of obvious questions and concerns, from parents and from all of us who are dedicated to working with children. Can we provide a program to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in the camp? Do we have the infrastructure to provide the guidelines established by the CDC? Will the camp be of great help to our community?

Each camp has been a challenge for us, and this will be twice as difficult, because not only will we have to guarantee the safety of the children and the workers who will be here, but we will also have to develop activities that promote and help well-being, education and to the social and physical development of our children. And my biggest challenge is that, that our Coliseum of the Arts is during this Summer Camp a unique opportunity to grow in confidence, provide hope, fight fear, and prosper.

So, we will camp!! We will pool our experience with new guidelines and protocols designed to help curb the spread of Covid-19, create a cleaner physical camping environment, implement systems to keep small groups of campers as one, and limit the flow of larger groups together. We will select all who enter and monitor the health and well-being of our children and staff on the day of the camp.

Are these guidelines foolproof? No. But the mental health of our children and the economic viability of our families and communities are not either.

We will camp week by week until the start of the new school year. Together with our healthcare professionals, we will update the guidelines and make necessary changes when and where necessary. We will do what we have always done, and we will work to do our best. We are confident that your child’s experience at camp will provide them with the opportunity to meet friends, once again freely socialize, and we are confident that their time with us will be a source of happiness, joy and fun.

We know that you as parents have many doubts and questions. The answers to many of those questions are posted here on our website. I ask that you first look for your answers here. We are also already in our offices and available to answer your calls and emails.

Together we will work. This is how we will all get through this. It is the base of the camp. Together we are sure that we will take care of our children, together we are sure that tomorrow will bring us hope and Together, we are sure that Life, once again, will be lived to the fullest.

So please feel happy, hopeful and see you at Coliseo Summer Camp.

Roxana Pollo, Director