Our Kobudo Program

Kobudo means literally “way of the ancient martial arts”, and is a defensive martial art that uses Okinawan traditional weapons.

It originated from the need of unarmed people to defend themselves from those who weren’t.

This was the case of the farmers of Okinawa to whom it was prohibited the possession of military weapons (katana gari) during two long periods, remaining defenseless of the abuses of the armed soldiers. Under these circumstances they learned to use their agricultural implements as weapons.

The practice of Kobudo improves the health and the practice of other martial arts. It favors a balanced muscular development, strengthens the joints and improves the coordination, the self-control and the concentration of its practitioners.

Our Kobudo style is called Joshin ryu and includes the use of the following weapons: Bo, Jo, Tanbo, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Tonfa and Eku.

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