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At Kanmuri Dojo we practice and teach one of the traditional styles of Japanese Karate emerged on the island of Okinawa in the late eighteenth century. This method known as Shorin Ryu, began to be modernized 45 years ago by master Soke Hoshu Ikeda, in order to contribute to the movements of all the plasticity defense, energy and balance that the human body is capable.

This new modality of Shorin Ryu is known as Joshinmon Shorin Ryu, and is the one that is taught in our school by Shihan Carlos Riobo, 6th Dan of the style.

Children and adults can learn here how to defend themselves by using the combination of hands and feet with an incredible coordination between strength, breathing, balance, flexibility and body posture.

Valuable skills that will inevitably be accompanied by teaching values ​​such as discipline, perseverance, responsibility and respect.

How to defend yourself, how to achieve what one wants in life and how to become a better person: these are the basic principles of teaching in our school Kanmuri Dojo.

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